Professional Electric Manicure Nail Art

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Product Description:

powered by: 2 AA Batteries (not included)  

Five attachments included:  

Used for file, shape, sculpt and polis  

Pen Size:approx.2.6cm x 16.5cm(dia x L)  

Package Content:  

1 x  Cordless Salon Shaper  

5 x Attachments  

 1 x Diamond Cone  to remove dead skin and calluses  

 1 x Small Grinding Cone - for cuticles and corners  

 1 x Grinding Cone - smoothes thick nails and rippled surfaces  

 1 x Felt Cone - to polish and buff  

 1 x Emery Head - to shape, sculpt and trim  

1 x Bag  

1 x English description  

Pls kindly note this product is without retail box