Kemei electric shaver

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• Product: rechargeable shaver

• Model:KM-8102

• Input Voltage: AC 220V  50Hz  

• Power Consumption: 2W

• Charging time: 8H  

• Color: Gold And Black  

• Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year 


• Rechargeable.

• Used wirelessly, convenient to operate.

• Reciprocating shaver.

• Used high hardness cutting blade. 

Safety Warning : 

Only the included charger can be used.

Make sure the charge will not become damp.

The charger includes a transformer which should not be cut off and replaced with another plug;otherwise,in will lead to serious results.

If the charger is damaged,it should be replaced with a new one with the original type to avoid the danger.



The first charge time of the shaver should be in accordance with the instructions required time. if the first charge time is too short, it will cause damage to the battery, and influence the using of your shaver!

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